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About Teacher N

Teacher N spent her early years as a primary school teacher teaching English for 13 years and later was able to pursue her ambition in early childhood education when the opportunity arose. She has nearly 30 years of teaching experience marked by comprehensive achievements such as being nominated in the top 50 finalists of Global Teacher Prize in 2016 by Varkey Foundation, Teacher Icon Award Malaysia 2016 as well as 2018 Pearson English Language Teacher Award for Asia & Oceania region and many more. She is currently Senior Assistant to the Headmistress of SK Assunta Convent, Kuantan, Pahang.


Let’s Rhyme was made by Teacher N during her stint in early childhood education as a teaching aid for her pupils to learn English. The module has shown great feedback and improvement from her pupils and others. The innovation has been used in more than 1000 pre-schools all over Malaysia as well as won her several awards and recognition, national and international. 

Designed to enhance the interest among children from 5-7 years old, Let’s Rhyme uses simple and clear language for children to understand. The learning experience will ensure the children acquire listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Fostering language through rhymes will also enhance the vocabulary besides improving the pronunciation, grammar, and spelling. 

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